COVE Looks for New CEO

The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) seeks its next chief executive officer.

As reported earlier, Jim Hanlon announced his intention to resign after five years as COVE president and CEO.

Jim Hanlon has led COVE since the start of planning in 2015, through the successful public and private sector funding for the site recapitalization and program operations, to the attraction of 60 plus tenants and the building of a truly significant global brand for COVE.

“I’m very proud of what the COVE team has accomplished. For me, it’s time to take a break from the hard work of COVE and step back to enjoy family and friends and reflect on what my next exciting role might be. I look forward to helping to identify the new COVE CEO and to helping them settle into what will be the most exciting job of their career,” says Jim Hanlon.

The new CEO should have a deep understanding of the ocean technology sector regionally, nationally and globally. Since the ocean economy relies heavily on innovative technology to grow, the new leader will be comfortable working with experts in science, technology, and engineering. The new CEO will have strategic leadership experience and will think like an entrepreneur.

Located in what was once the Canadian Coast Guard facility on Halifax Harbour, COVE is home to local and global ocean technology businesses, post-secondary institutions, researchers and service businesses that support the ocean sector. COVE’s eight-acre, 50,000 square foot facility features marine capabilities with two large, deep-water piers, office & meeting space, a start-up incubator as well as workshops and labs.

COVE’s mission is to propel the ocean economy by providing high-quality marine infrastructure, programming and a collaborative space in which a community of ocean enterprises can start, grow and prosper.

COVE said it expects to complete the selection process for the new COVE CEO before the end of March 2020.