CPN supplies Maersk ship with biofuel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based bunker service provider Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-Chemical (CPN) has successfully delivered over 2,000 metric tonnes of B24 marine biofuel to a vessel operated by Danish shipping giant Maersk.


The bunkering operation took place on November 22, 2023, and involved the 5,470 TEU Panamax containership GSL Kithira.

As informed, the delivery is the first B24 biofuel supply in Hong Kong for container vessels, as well as the first one with more than 2,000 metric tonnes, setting a new standard in the region’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

This pioneering move is said to strengthen CPN’s position in the Hong Kong market with its adoption of cleaner, more sustainable alternative fuels within the maritime industry.

The ISCC-EU certified used cooking oil methyl esther-based (UCOME) B24 marine biofuel is a blend of 24% B100 biodiesel and marine fuel oil, which significantly reduces carbon emissions and lowers its carbon footprint. Such products align with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce environmental impact.

The cooperation on marine biofuel supply between Maersk and CPN in Hong Kong is expected to pave the way for more widespread adoption of eco-friendly alternative fuels in the maritime industry.

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CPN said it would continue to explore and expand its capabilities in marine biofuel solutions as well as in more diverse types of sustainable alternative fuels in the future.