CRC Galaxy Floated Out (Gallery)

Commercial Rib Charter’s flagship 15-metre MCA Cat 1 cabin Rib, the CRC Galaxy, has been floated out at the Goodchild Marine’s boatyard on the river Waveney in Great Yarmouth.

The CRC Galaxy is powered by twin diesel 440hp Volvos with Hamilton Jet drives and is capable of carrying 12 passengers plus 3 crew.

The vessel’s navigation suite includes vessel monitoring systems and forward looking infra-red displays, passenger accommodation with heated, air-driven suspension seating and full welfare facilities normally reserved for larger vessels, CRC said.

The custom designed over-the-bow crew transfer apparatus and Hamilton’s Blue Arrow water jet control system enhance the vessel’s manoeuvring capability and ensure safety standards are maintained when transferring passengers at sea.

Other features include access doors fore and aft, a large aft deck, and a bow snubber for transferring crews over the bow. The cabin has heads, shower, galley, drying zone, and matrix system to allow installation of bunks, work benches and instrumentation.

Following the sea trials, the CRC Galaxy will be delivered to CRC on 10 June in Southampton.

The vessel was originally planned for delivery in June 2015, but the addition of new features such as Henriksen Hooks so the vessel can act as a MCA Cat 1 daughter craft, have pushed the delivery back.

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