Photo: Image Courtesy: CRYO Shipping

Cryo Shipping Turns to Biogas, Hydrogen as Marine Fuel

Bergen-based bunker supplier Cryo Shipping has received government grants for developing suitable infrastructure solutions for the supply of fully renewable energy as marine fuel.

Although Cryo Shipping was established as a supplier of LNG, the company is now focusing on even greener energy sources such as biogas and hydrogen. It is developing hydrogen bunkering services optimized for the growing hydrogen bunker market in Norway.

“Hydrogen as marine fuel is in an early phase, and … we still have a way to go with regards to developing suitable concepts, technical solutions, regulations and operational requirements,” Are Magnussen, Partner and project manager at Cryo Shipping, explained.

The company said it is cooperating with major players in the hydrogen industry, initially serving Norwegian shipowners who are taking early positions as consumers of fully renewable marine fuels.

As the maritime industry is slowly moving towards a clean and renewable future, Cryo Shipping said it “aims to take the lead in the future green energy development”.

The company also strives to accelerate the development of LNG as a future marine fuel. Earlier this month, Cryo Shipping conducted its first LNG bunkering operation in Sweden with the cement carrier Greenland being supplied with this green fuel.

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