Photo: CWind Taiwan

CWind Taiwan’s new CTV tandem starts working at Yunlin OWF

CWind Taiwan’s two new crew transfer vessels (CTVs) Phenom and Phoenix have commenced work on their first project in Taiwan, the company reported via social media.

The 12-pax CTVs are supporting Siemens Gamesa during construction work on the Yunlin offshore wind farm.

“They are the first in country to obtain the passenger ship safety certificate. And like other members among our local fleet, they have been re-flagged to Taiwan and received the CR classification”, CWind Taiwan said in a social media post.

The vessels have been deployed on the project following a few already contracted CTVs from CWind Taiwan.

In September, Wpd, the developer of the Yunlin offshore wind farm, awarded CWind Taiwan with a CTV contract to support the project’s two-year construction phase, for which the company assigned its CWind Phantom.

A few months earlier, CWind Taiwan acquired two crew transfer vessels from Seacat Services to support the Yunlin offshore wind project. Seacat Resolute and Seacat Vigilant were then chartered, also to support Siemens Gamesa during the development and construction of the wind farm.

The 640 MW offshore wind farm, featuring Siemens Gamesa 8 MW turbines installed some 8 kilometres offshore, is scheduled to be fully operational in 2021.

The project is owned by wpd (73 per cent) and a Sojitz Corp-led consortium (27 per cent). The consortium includes Chugoku Electric Power, Chudenko Corporation, Shikoku Electric Power, and JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation.