Cygnus DIVE Mk2 Underwater Thickness Gauge Launched

Following the success of the Cygnus DIVE underwater thickness gauge, launched two years ago, Cygnus is introducing the new Cygnus DIVE Mk2 with a number of key new features.

Cygnus DIVE Mk2 Underwater Thickness Gauge Launched

The Cygnus DIVE is a wrist-mountable, simple to operate, robust underwater ultrasonic thickness gauge which provides an invaluable free hand while performing remaining metal thickness measurements. The Cygnus pioneered Multiple Echo technique is at the heart of the electronics and ensures protective coatings up to 20mm thick are completely ignored, there is no need to remove protective coatings. Additionally, all measurements are automatically checked and verified by the Multiple Echo technique.

The large bright colour AMOLED display is easily viewable by both the diver and his camera even in the poorest visibility. The operation of the gauge couldn’t be simpler, only two buttons for easy navigation of the intuitive, clear menus.

The completely new feature is the added flexibility of single echo mode where twin crystal probes can be used. This feature is useful on uncoated surfaces that have extreme front face and back wall corrosion making measurements in multiple echo difficult to achieve.

Having the capability of using Cygnus DIVE in Single Echo mode with Twin Crystal probes in some applications, can offer advantages where there are no protective coatings. It can be challenging to obtain measurements in Multiple Echo mode on heavy corrosion as is sometimes found on sea defences and harbour pilings. It is also useful for attenuative materials such as cast iron found in water and sewage outfall pipes and round bar such as anchor chain links.

The ability of the diver to wear Cygnus DIVE on his arm or wrist is a big advantage says Graham Haines, Sales Director for Cygnus. “Having a free hand when diving offers obvious advantages and together with the 2.8” quarter VGA colour display it makes viewing so much easier by both the diver and support engineers on the surface via the divers camera. The AMOLED display not only gives much better viewing, especially in poor visibility, it also offers an A-Scan display which helps verify true back wall readings in difficult measuring applications. In data logging mode Cygnus DIVE can store up to 5,000 measurements together with each measurement A-Scan for future analysis should the need arise.

Measurements on the surface can be displayed by various methods. A simple hand held display repeater or the measurements can be overlaid with the composite video from diver’s camera and overlaid on the topside monitor. The latest version of CygLink software allows measurements and A-Scans to be displayed on the surface and data logged topside. Also, measurements taken and stored in Cygnus DIVE, then transferred to CygLink for future interrogation, can be displayed in colour 2D or 3D representations or transferred into a spreadsheet program e.g. Excel™.

Press Release, February 21, 2014; Image: Cygnus