Danes on the lookout for energy islands consultant

Danes on the lookout for energy islands consultant

Danish energy operator Energinet has issued a tender looking for consultancy services for the expected subsea cable routes of the planned Energy Islands in the North and Baltic Seas.

Danish Energy Agency

The scope of work includes consultancy services regarding the external threat and risk assessment as well as assessment of sufficient cable burial depths for the two Energy Islands’ subsea cable routes.

The tender is divided into two lots, the first of which is for the Zealand to Energy Island Bornholm route and the second for the Jutland to Energy Island North Sea route.

For both lots, the selected contractor will be in charge of delivering preliminary threat and risk assessment which provides an analysis of threats and related risks in relation to the integrity of the subsea cable’s lifetime operation, as well as preliminary assessment of sufficient burial depths taking into account the threats and their impact along the cable route.

The consultant will also be in charge of updating the above risk assessment with geophysical and geotechnical data collected along the cable route and assist with the production of a burial assessment study to be used as a baseline against the contractor delivered BAS.

Furthermore, the consultant will provide engineering consultancy during procurement of the cable installation contractor and engineering consultancy during the cable installation phase.

The deadline for submitting applications for the tender is 12 May by 12:00 local time. The contract is for a period of 12 months.

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Denmark plans to build an artifical Energy Island in the North Sea and another Energy Island on the existing Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea, following a decision by the Danish Parliament from June 2020.

The North Sea Energy Island will include an offshore wind farm with a capacity of 3 GW, while the Baltic Sea Energy Island will include two offshore wind farms – Bornholm 1 and Bornholm 2 – with a combined capacity of 2 GW.

Both projects are planned to be completed by 2030. 

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