DECC rebutts CPS’ report on renewables

DECC defends its renewables strategy that was strongly criticized in the report published by the Centre for Policy Studies.

The report reads that the policy regarding renewable energy in UK represents the most expensive domestic policy disaster in modern British history, and that renewables subsidies ‘destroyed the UK electricity market’.

“The electricity sector is being transformed into a vast, ramshackle Public Private Partnership, an outcome that promises the worst of both worlds – state control of investment funded by high cost private sector capital, with energy companies being set up as the fall guys to take the rap for higher electricity bills,” it is stated in the report.

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) issued a response to the report by the Centre for Policy Studies stating the report ignores the reality of the energy market.

“It wrongly suggests that we can ditch renewables for gas, with no explanation of where we would source that from. It also appears to suggest that we should row back on the tremendous gains we have made in the fight on climate change,” DECC said responding to the report.

DECC added that the reforms the government is undertaking will lower the average household electricity bills by GBP 41 over the period of 2014 to 2030, and that the creation of the low carbon electricity market will attract tens of billions of pounds of investment resulting in significant employment increase across the UK.

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Image: flickr/Steph Gray