DECC Seeks Contractor to Work on UK’s Renewable Energy Statistics

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is seeking to appoint a contractor to carry out the provision of UK renewable energy statistics.

DECC Seeks Contractor to Work on UK's Renewable Energy Statistics

As part of the UK Government’s commitment to further development of renewable energy, DECC needs to continue to collect and provide for policy development/monitoring and publication a complete set of statistics relating to the generation and use of renewable energy in the UK (RESTATS).

A contractor is being sought to carry out the tasks of: Collecting renewable energy statistics; Ensuring that the procedure used and resulting data comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, issued by the UK Statistics Authority; Producing quarterly and annual UK statistics on renewable energy, as required by the European Commission; Contributing statistics to a chapter within an annual statistical publication; Improving the quality and completeness of the data; Promoting the results through statistical publications and the Internet; – ensuring the data is published in accordance with EU and Government and Directives.

Furthermore, the selected contractor will undertake the maintenance and publication of a UK wide planning database for renewable energy installations.

A contractor is required to collect and publish accurate information on the planning status of all renewable electricity projects in the UK using the Renewable Energy Planning Database (REPD). This includes, but is not restricted to, intended applications and applications in planning, through to commissioned projects and then through to de-commissioning.

DECC intends to appoint a contractor, or contractors, by competitive tender to carry out these 2 areas of work. It can be either as 2 separate contracts, or a single contract.

Offshore WIND Staff, June 27, 2014; Image: Dong Energy
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