DeepOcean Starts Trenching Works Off Abu Dhabi

DeepOcean has been awarded a contract for the provision of post-lay trenching of a 42-km power cable from the shore to offshore United Arabic Emirates.

According to the company, the post-lay trenching works have now started offshore Abu Dhabi, and will be performed by DeepOcean’s recently upgraded T1 mechanical trencher.

Modifications to T1 were performed in the UK and included testing the trencher in various soil conditions up to 40MPa with trench depth of 1.2 meters achieved.

The T1 was subsequently transported to Abu Dhabi were further onshore trials were conducted to test the T1’s cooling system in the regions extreme temperatures.

Tony Stokes, managing director of Asia Pacific & Middle East, said: “DeepOcean setup its Middle East branch in October 2015. We are extremely pleased to receive this award and it is a testament to the confidence our clients have in DeepOcean’s ability to provide innovative trenching solutions. This project highlights that novel solutions can be found when working closely with our clients that allow DeepOcean to deliver projects in the most cost effective way in a challenging global market. We look forward to a successful campaign and building our presence in the Middle East on the back of our front-end technology and ability to deliver.”

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