Deltares: Spotlight on Argentinian New Inland Waterways

Erik Mosselman, Deltares’ expert for river engineering, morphology and fluvial morphodynamics, visited Buenos Aires recently to kick off a pre-feasibility study on new inland waterways.

This pre-feasibility study assesses current and projected transport of Argentinian products, costs and benefits of new inland waterways, water requirements and availability for new waterways, possible interference of new waterways with natural drainage, and the possibility of using waterways for drainage of waterlogged areas.

Deltares leads a consortium with partners STC-NESTRA and STC-Group Holding BV to study transport economics and hydrology as key components for the pre-feasibility study.

The consortium co-operates with the Argentinian research institute INA.

A study tour to the Netherlands by a broad Argentinian delegation to visit the European system of inland waterways and to meet Dutch experts in the inland waterway transport sector will also be part of the cooperation.