Den Oever project turbine foundation ready for transport

The turbine foundation for the Den Oever pilot project is ready to be transported to the dockside, according to the company.

The project is located at Den Oever, Netherlands, in the Afsluitdijk, a 30 km long primary sea defense. It will be delivered entirely by Tocardo. All the engineering, including the foundation system is done in-house.

The site is managed and made available by the Tidal Testing Centre who also manages the site of the turbines currently installed in Den Oever. Several turbines are being produced in Tocardo’s workshop in Wieringerwerf in the north of the Netherlands. The turbines have a capacity in the range of 100 to 200 kW.

The new project will serve as a pilot for a 3 MW project planned for 2016.

The Den Oever project began as a “proof of concept” but has been operational since 2008, and connected to the Dutch grid. The electricity produced powers approximately 15 households.

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Image: Tocardo

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