Denmark and Netherlands exploring opportunities for joint offshore energy hub

The Netherlands and Denmark have signed an Agreement of Intent (AoI) to together explore opportunities for an offshore energy hub in the North Sea.

Under the deal, TenneT, Gasunie and Energinet will carry out further research on the development of the joint energy hub for connecting offshore wind farms.

On the basis of these analyses, a decision must be taken by the two countries before 2022 as to whether the cooperation will be continued.

According to Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Eric Derk Wiebes, it is clear that the Netherlands could benefit from closer cooperation with Denmark.

Opportunities include increasing interconnection capacity for the security of supply, possible synergy with national plans for offshore infrastructure in the north of the Netherlands and possible hydrogen opportunities in the Groningen/Eemshaven region. 

“Denmark is an important partner for the Netherlands when it comes to climate and energy. Both countries are ambitious in the field of CO2 reduction. Denmark and the Netherlands are neighbours in the North Sea and are connected both literally, via the Cobra cable for the transport of electricity, and figuratively, by the shared commitment and ambitions for wind energy at sea,” said Wiebes.

As reported, Denmark plans to build two energy hubs in 2030 with a combined minimum capacity of 5 GW. In the long term, the plan is to establish energy hubs with a total capacity of 12 GW of offshore wind energy in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Denmark recently entered into an agreement with Germany to strengthen their cooperation on offshore wind and innovative energy hubs.

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