Denmark: Anholt Offshore Installation Work Proceeds as Planned

Denmark: Anholt Offshore Installation Work Proceeds as Planned

During the last six months, a lot of effort has been put into the construction of Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. 

DONG Energy’s Project Manager, Claus Bøjle Møller, has been overall responsible for the construction project and gave a status of the last six months:

”If I don’t take the daily challenges into consideration, the project has proceeded well so far. 

“When planning such a comprehensive project where the same operations are repeated 111 times, and where we are dependent on the weather and technical equipment in contact with salt water, it is extremely important that we choose the right set-up, which must be robust and efficient when the weather conditions are optimum for offshore installation.

“And we can state that the vessels we use, ie Svanen and Jumbo Javelin, are working stably and efficiently on installing foundations and transition pieces. 

“At the moment, 94 of the 111 monopiles have been installed in the wind farm, and more than half of the transition pieces have been placed (69 as of 2 July 2012). 

“At the same time, the cable vessels have arrived on time and are already pulling cables, so that we can energise the wind turbine positions before the wind turbine installation starts in September.

“So far, the work has not been obstructed by the large stones at the seabed as we feared. Stones, which could hinder the driving of the monopiles and thus delay the installation. We’ve taken precautions and have made the necessary equipment ready at hand to handle the stones; working offshore you need to be prepared for any challenge. 

“Fortunately, the teams are skilled and committed, both at DONG Energy and at our contractors constructing the wind farm offshore and onshore. I feel the intense atmosphere on site where several years of planning must now materialise within tight deadlines. 

“The workers are very enthusiastic about constructing Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, and I experience that though we focus on our respective tasks, there is a positive atmosphere and a good cooperation across the companies involved.” 


Offshore WIND staff, July 5, 2012; Image: DONG Energy