Denmark wants to be the ‘leading green country’ in maritime area

The Danish government has presented its 2030 plan for the Danish economy outlining the ambition to maintain and expand its position as a “leading green country” in the maritime area.


Denmark states in its 2030 plan that “it will support existing and new positions of strength, including shipping”.

Danish Shipping (Danske Rederier), a trade organization that acts as an employers’ organization for over 90 shipping and offshore companies, has welcomed the new plan.

From the organization’s point of view, there are many good measures in the plan, which include a focus on developing Danish economic positions of strength, including shipping, green transition, and removing bottlenecks for global trade.

“Denmark may be a small country, but it is a huge maritime nation. We are therefore pleased that the government will develop and strengthen our industry so that we can continue to be one of the world’s leading maritime nations,” Anne H. Steffensen, Danish Shipping’s managing director, commented.

“We are very much looking forward to contributing to the upcoming growth plan for Danish shipping.”

In the 2030 plan, the government also recognizes the role of Danish shipping in the green transformation of global shipping, in the light of the climate strategy of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

“In Danish shipping, we have long since set the course towards climate neutrality, but if it really has to work, we must have the rest of the world on board,” H. Steffensen stressed.

“Fortunately, the countries in the UN maritime organization IMO agreed this summer that shipping must be climate neutral in or around 2050, but it is urgent to get the regulation in place and adopted. Here, Denmark and Danish shipping companies play an absolutely central role.”

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