Image showing Japan model mesh based on DHI metocean data

DHI backs APAC offshore wind with new metocean dataset

DHI has expanded its Metocean Data Portal with a new dataset to be used for offshore wind development in Japan, South Korea and elsewhere in the APAC region.


The high-resolution hindcast metocean datasets comprise 40 years (1979-2019) of hourly wind, wave, current and water level data.

The new datasets will support planning, feasibility, metocean engineering, basic design and pre-FEED studies in the APAC region. 2D spectra are also included to be used for forcing of local models or to assess swell contribution and vessel workability.

“Data is generated from carefully designed, calibrated and validated high-resolution hydrodynamic and wave models (MIKE Powered by DHI) forced by recognized re-analysed atmospheric model data (ERA5 from ECMWF and CFSR from NCEP/NOAA),” DHI states.

The company further added that spatial resolution is approximately 400-500 metres in areas planned for new offshore wind farms in Japanese waters.

“The extensive validation of the new long-term modelled datasets is based on multiple buoys and satellite data (altimeters and scatterometers) securing accuracy and high quality,” DHI said.

The company pointed out that the underlying database is identical to the one used in the Netherlands and published by The Dutch database is the world’s first certified web-based metocean database.

DHI launched its Metocean Data Portal at the end of 2017. All data is available online either on-demand or through an API for rapid access to multiple locations.