Digital Solutions on IMO Agenda

Digital Solutions on IMO Agenda

On 8-12 April 2013, the IMO Facilitation Committee (FAL) held a meeting, where efforts were made to spread digital processes to shipping.

At the meeting, the possibilities of using electronic ship certificates were considered. The Committee approved an interim FAL resolution on ”Interim guidelines for use of printed versions of electronic certificates”. This is an important step towards the acceptance of electronic certificates as equal to original paper versions, which will reduce some of the administrative burdens imposed on the shipping industry.

Danish focus on administrative burdens

At the meeting, the Danish Captain Christian Rørbeck gave a presentation with hands-on examples of administrative burdens in connection with port calls. The specific examples of administrative tasks were an eye-opener to the many listeners. At the following reception, the lobby was buzzing with renewed motivation to work determinedly to reduce the administrative burdens imposed on shipping. In continuation hereof, the Committee noted a Danish paper requesting that the administrative burdens imposed by international regulation be considered from the perspective of the end users and that the benefit of the regulations in force be evaluated.

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DMA, May 1, 2013