Diver Dies in Costa Concordia Wreck Operations

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Titan Micoperi announced that a diver from the Consortium passed away on Saturday after an accident occurred during underwater operations under the wreck of Costa Concordia.

Diver Dies in Costa Concordia Wreck Operations

The diver, of spanish nationality, 41 years old, was involved in the operations aimed at preparing the wreck for the installation of the sponsons on the starboard side.

Immediately assisted by his ‘stand-by diver’, he was transferred to the operative headquarter where he was assisted by the medical and paramedical staff of the Consortium and, immediately after, by the emergency medical staff arrived on site according to emergency plan in place.

The exact dynamic of the accident is being investigated by competent authorities.

Yesterday Costa Crociere organized psychological support to the Titan Micoperi dive team members who are deeply shocked by the fatal accident occurred to their Spanish colleague.

Press Release, February 03, 2014; Image: theparbucklingproject


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