DNS’ decommissioning course runs again

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Delivered in partnership with Strategic Decommissioning Consultants Ltd, Decom North Sea’s latest training course, Decommissioning – From Planning through Execution returns, with the overall objective to inform participants of the background, scope and cover some of the key issues associated within the decommissioning sector over a two day period.

DNS' decommissioning course runs again
Brian Nixon

Decommissioning in the oil and gas industry is now recognised as a critical stage in the life of an installation. Operators and contractors, large and small, are understandably taking notice of the projected £40.6 billion spend over the next 25 years in UK waters alone.

As the dedicated North Sea industry forum, DNS exists to inform industry whilst facilitating collaboration and cooperation – ensuring a successful way forward for all those involved in the decommissioning process.

The three course leaders have a vast wealth of knowledge with regards to the decommissioning industry in the Oil and Gas Sector and will cover topics including decommissioning legislation, safety and environmental issues, identifying best practice and improvement opportunities across the field.

The course, which takes place in Aberdeen, is ideal for those who are new to decommissioning or could benefit from having a broader understanding of what is involved in all phases of a typical project. By drawing upon experience earned in past projects, participants will be able to discuss and debate how decommissioning can be undertaken as efficiently as possible.

Brian Nixon, Chief Executive of DNS, said: “We have been delighted by previous delegate response to this course and have developed plans to also deliver them in other locations in the UK and Europe.”

Nixon continued: “Strategic Decommissioning Consultants Ltd has created material which provides a real depth of information and opportunity for industry newcomers, as well as for those currently working in the sector who are looking to expand their knowledge.”

Strategic Decommissioning Consultants Ltd course leader, Bob Hemmings, commented: “We’re looking forward to running this course once again, in conjunction with DNS. Working with them is the perfect fit for the course, as they provide the industry focus for all those interested in decommissioning issues, improvements and training – which should include everyone connected with offshore oil and gas!”

DNS has grown since its inception in 2010 to have more than 220 members drawn from operators, major contractors, service specialists, professional services and technology developers. DNS was set up to drive efficiency improvement, cost reduction and collaboration, and to stimulate preparedness and investment across the industry.

This 2-day course takes place on 25 & 26 June, with an additional date in November.


Press Release, June 16, 2014



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