DNV approves Hydromea's underwater inspection robot

DNV approves Hydromea’s underwater inspection robot

Scotland’s remote technology specialist Air Control Entech (ACE) has received the DNV class approval for Hydromea’s EXRAY underwater inspection robot for visual remote inspection technology (RIT).

Source: Hydromea

EXRAY, developed by Swiss underwater robotics company Hydromea, is an underwater inspection robot that is designed to overcome the challenges posed by inspecting submerged areas.

With its compact size, high maneuverability, and real-time data transmission capabilities, EXRAY is said to allow for swift and accurate assessments of flooded spaces.

Igor Martin, CEO of Hydromea, said: “We are thrilled that our partner ACE received the successful class approval of EXRAY by DNV. This achievement underscores the immense potential of our underwater inspection robot to revolutionize the industry’s approach to offshore inspections and keep people safe, away from dangerous jobs offshore.”

ACE noted that the milestone achievement paves the way for certified inspections of flooded spaces at offshore floating platforms, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency in the offshore energy industry.

“This collaboration between ACE and Hydromea, along with the class approval from DNV, marks a breakthrough in the field of underwater inspections. The EXRAY robot’s ability to collect real-time data in hazardous and challenging environments will improve the accuracy of inspections, reduce downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency in the offshore energy sector,” said Kieran Hope, COO of ACE.

To remind, Hydromea and ACE entered into a service partnership agreement in September last year to commercialize EXRAY.

Under the deal, ACE is promoting and using the wireless ROV for inspections of ballast water tanks at floating production storage and offloading (FPSOs) platforms in the North Sea and Latin American markets.

Hydromea also recently partnered up with Unplugged, a Norwegian firm focused on inductive charging and data transfer technology, to develop a resident underwater drone system for the inspection and monitoring of underwater assets.