Dolphin’s ‘Polar Marquis’ wins 3D seismic contract

Dolphin Geophysical has been awarded a further 3D seismic contract for the ‘Polar Marquis’ to acquire approximately 3.000 sq km in the Black Sea with immediate mobilisation when the vessel is taken on Time Charter, in the middle of May 2014.

Dolphin's 'Polar Marquis' wins 3D seismic contractAtle Jacobsen, CEO commented: “Dolphin is on track delivering the second high-capacity 3D seismic vessels to the powerful Dolphin operated fleet in less than two months. This is a unique achievement of our highly skilled technical staff and our operating crews.

“We experience that our modern and powerful fleet are instrumental in capturing market share in new regions and secure large 3D seismic exploration contracts, requiring complex wide tow and long offset with 12 seismic cables and more. The Polar Marquis will utilise 14 seismic cables with 100 meters separation and 6.000 meters length on her first survey.”


Press Release, April 30, 2014

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