DONG Energy Announces Completion of Installation of Transition Pieces for Walney 2 Offshore Wind Farm (UK)

The first transition piece for Walney 2 was placed on 16 April. Less than four months later, all 51 transition pieces have been installed. On the night of 5 to 6 August, the last TP was installed, and Goliath has now demobilised and left the site.

43 turbines installed in Walney 2 and 19 array cables placed

43 complete turbines have been installed in Walney 2, and with only eight turbines remaining the turbine installation vessel Leviathan has demobilised for other jobs. The turbine installation vessel Kraken will finish the job and is expected to complete the installation by mid-September.

Further the cable installation is ongoing, and Stemat 82 has already placed 18 array cables in Walney 2. The installation of the array cables is expected to be completed around mid-October depending on the weather.

Preparing for the energisation of Walney 2 electrical system

The preparations for energisation of the electrical system on Walney 2 have almost been completed, and commissioning of the connection to Walney 2 via the Stanah 132kV onshore substation near Blackpool and through the export cable is planned to be effected by the end of August.

Weather forecast – an important tool in the toolbox

When most people check the daily weather forecast, they do so to decide whether to take an umbrella or go to the beach for a picnic.

For an offshore project like Walney Offshore Windfarms, the weather forecast is crucial in the planning and construction of the wind farm.

We receive a bespoke weather forecast four times a day as the decision whether to tow out a monopile, install a wind turbine or transfer technicians is based on weather forecasts. At any one time this can mean the daily work of 400 people and operation and hire of vessels and machinery costing over £500,000 per day.

Onshore work diminishing

Onshore at the Walney project base at Ramsden Dock, several companies have left the area as the job was done. The only physical activity still taking place is Stemat 82 loading array cables and some minor crew boats going in and out. However, the Marine Coordinator working out of the barracks at the site is busy coordinating all the offshore vessel movements.

The Walney Offshore Windfarm

The Walney Offshore Windfarm project is located approximately 15km west of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria. The project consists of Walney 1 and Walney 2 each with 51 – 3.6MW turbines, giving a total capacity of the Walney project of 367.2MW. The rotor diameter of the turbines is 107m for Walney 1 and 120m for Walney 2, with a maximum height of 150m from blade tip to sea level. The total area of the development is some 73km2.


Source: DONG Energy, August 22, 2011