DONG Energy Reaches 100,000 Boepd Milestone (Denmark)

DONG Energy Reaches 100,000 Boepd Milestone (Denmark)

DONG Energy, Denmark’s largest energy company, now sends more than 100,000 barrels of oil and gas to shore each day from the North Sea and the Norwegian sea on a daily basis.

A milestone has been achieved. DONG Energy now extracts more than 100.000 barrels of oil equivalents – oil and gas converted to barrels of oil (boe) from the subsoil. And that is on a daily basis.

Søren Gath Hansen, Executive Vice President in DONG Energy and responsible for the oil and gas business, said:

“For quite some time, we have been close to achieving this milestone. Now we have produced more than 100.000 boe for more than a month, so we have a solid platform for marking the milestone.”

Within the target

Due to the daily production of 100,000 boe DONG Energy is within the target, where 150.000 boe per day in 2020 is bulls eye. And Søren Gath Hansen states that the projects which are to take DONG Energy one step further are progressing as planned:

“The Hejre development in the Danish North Sea is well under way. The pipelines have been finished and the process facilities and living quarters are currently being built in South Korea. With Hess as the operator we are drilling new wells in the Solsort licence to give us more information of the volume and quality of the oil discovery we made in December 2010,” Søren Gath Hansen said.

DONG Energy is also active outside the North Sea. West of Shetlands the development of two gas fields, Laggan and Tormore, is progressing well towards production in 2014.

Source: Dong Energy, October 23, 2013