Photo: Courtesy of Kongsberg Digital

Dorian LPG chooses Kongsberg’s tech for its fleet of LPG carriers

Norway’s Kongsberg Digital has signed a contract to install its Vessel Insight solution on U.S.-based Dorian LPG’s fleet of 22 LPG carriers.

Dorian LPG install Kongsberg's Vessel Insight to its fleet of LPG carriers
Courtesy of Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight data infrastructure solution is based on open principles and allows the owners and operators to partner with the software providers of their choosing.

With the installation of the software solution, Dorian LPG, owner and operator of very large gas carriers, plans to collect all critical data points from its entire VLGC fleet with the purpose to gain insight into signals coming from the fleet’s assets and enable realization of data-driven operations.

The initial plan of the company is to monitor and predict consumption and emissions data to plan for IMO 2023 regulations, which will require vessels to combine a technical and operational approach to reduce their carbon emissions.

Besides helping optimise performance and efficiency and being more insight-led in decision making, the new solution will enable Dorian to also seek to benchmark the performance between vessel types in their fleet.

Andreas Jagtøyen, executive vice president Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital, said: “This contract emphasizes the untapped potential and value of collecting data to analyze, predict and improve processes for vessels and fleets, especially given the current environment of the maritime industry where gaining a competitive edge and decarbonizing while meeting new regulations is key to survival and success. Vessel Insight will ensure that Dorian is properly equipped to meet their goals.”

Vessel Insight is expected to be installed on all 22 vessels in the upcoming months.