Doyle Shipping orders hybrid RTG from Liebherr Container Cranes

Doyle Shipping Group (DSG) has ordered a new hybrid rubber Tyre gantry crane (RTG) at Dublin Port from Liebherr Container Cranes.

Liebherr Container Cranes

The new RTG has a span of 25.9 meters, which is seven containers plus a truck lane wide, and a lift height of 21 meters, which is one over six containers high and a safe working load of 41 tonnes.

Liebherr has worked with Doyle Shipping at Dublin Port since 1999 when they received the first of six Liebherr harbour mobile (LHM) cranes.

Subsequent years saw the addition of five more LHMs and in 2007, they received the first three of their Liebherr RTGs, with the newest machine bringing to 12 the number of RTGs at the terminal.

In addition, Liebherr supplied a ship-to-shore container crane in 2015, Dan O’Shea, Area Sales Manager for Europe with Liebherr Container Cranes said.

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with DSG and to provide them with the latest technology in container handling,” he noted.

“Commitment to sustainability is not just an option but is a responsibility for both Liebherr Container Cranes and Doyle Shipping Group. For our customers, choosing sustainable equipment is a vital first step towards a sustainable economy, where every stage of the supply chain works in harmony to deliver truly sustainable products to consumers. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a choice, but an obligation that we embrace with pride.”

The LES 200 is a capacitor system that effectively captures and preserves the energy produced during hoist lowering and braking, which would otherwise go to waste.

The captured energy is redeployed during peak demand to reduce the overall energy consumption and emissions of the RTG.

The solution is available on both new machines and as a retrofittable solution via Liebherr Transform.

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