DRAGFLOW Through 2014

DRAGFLOW, a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment, has had an extremely busy and successful year. 

Hereby we are bringing you a list of the DRAGFLOW’s most successful projects and achievements in 2014.


Sand and Gravel Extraction Project in Nebraska, United States

DRAGFLOW has been chosen by Werner Construction Inc for the supply of a new dredge for sand and gravel operations. Werner Construction, established in 1936, is specialized in asphalt and concrete paving, sand and gravel operations and redi-mix operations. Scope of supply was the hydraulic pump HY400 complete with cutters EXHY35, the diesel driven Hydraulic Power Pack of 470kW complete with operator cabin, winches and hoist.

Barge has been made thanks to the collaboration of a local company. The system will be able to produce up to 500 ton/h of solid material.

Mine pond de-sludging in Chuquicamata, Chile

Chuquicamata, or “Chuqui” as it is more familiarly known, is by excavated volume the biggest open pit copper mine in the world, located in the north of Chile. The mine is owned and operated by Codelco, a Chilean state enterprise.

Chuquicamata choose the Dragflow Remote Controlled Dredge DRP18 to clean up the sedimentation of the water supply plant of the mine. DRP18 is a safe and reliable dredging solution and will permit to keep in operation this vital part of the production process.

This particular unit is also equipped with Dragflow Advanced Control Panel that will permit to record the most important daily parameters of the machine for early detection of possible failure but also for a detailed analysis of daily operations.

Deepening and normalization of the Pun Hlaing River, Hlaing Thar Yar Township, in Myanmar

Project was commissioned by the Irrigation department and will last till May 2015. The total river length to be dredged is 30 miles. The scope of installation are Hydraulic pump (HY85B) and cutter, control valve, piping kit, hoses, pipes and floaters. The length of pipe for commissioning is 130m.

The estimated production is 400cbm per hour. The commissioning of the units was a huge success. Expected production and actual production is well within the calculation in the proposal.

Sand extraction Remote Control Dredger in Tyumen region Siberia

Mini size. Great capacity. This is what it takes to operate in land like Siberia. From May to October 2014, in the Hanty-Mansiysk Region, DRAGFLOW Russia had operated for sand extraction, in order to make foundation for an Oil Rig tower.

The project was undertaken for Bur-Neftegaz, a unit of Bashneft, one of the largest producer of oil products in the country. The equipment included a DRAGFLOW Remote Control Dredge and DRAGFLOW High Capacity Pump (EL 1204HC).

Igor Rasskazov, DRAGFLOWRussia, said: “It was a really good solution, because we provide an equipment with mini size, mini power, but very good capacity. It was the perfect compromise. It’s not easy to reach a swamp region like that, so it’s important to have equipment convenient to transport. And DRAGFLOW DRP does not require Abnormal load. The work has been done efficiently and quickly.”

Dragflow’s this year new products:

Weed Cutterhead

Weed Cutterhead is designed to let customer to remove aquatic weeds and thick organic material such as roots. The Weed cutter-head has been designed to work in presence of aquatic plants: floating vegetation, submerged vegetation (milfoil and hydrilla) or rooted vegetation (cattails and reeds).

Electric Excavators

DRAGFLOW customers will have the opportunity to use Electric Pumps together with Electric Excavators in order to let the pumps work also in presence of very compact material. Cutters are able to improve solid production by increasing the concentration of the slurries and permit to complete the dredging activities even in the most difficult situations.

Cutting head is designed to reduce cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard tooth. Robust electric motor guarantees strong torque and long life.

Cutters are designed to work up to 250m working depth, handled by steel cable.

Dredge Cutterhead

The DRAGFLOW Dredge Cutterhead is a custom engineered system. DRAGFLOW ‘s dredging specialists carefully analyze customer requirements and operating conditions to arrive at the design criteria – cutter profile, size, beta, arm quantity and shape, tooth size, tooth orientation. What is more, the combination of the Cutterhead with the agitator avoids any clogging problem at the pump suction.

No Clog Pump EL60RI

The first of the upcoming series of Recessed Impeller Pumps, ensure the passage of solids, up to 100 mm, through the pump casing, avoiding the risk of clogging, increasing the efficiency.

Flowing solids are quickly discharge, reducing internal recirculation, so the hydraulic efficiencies and pump wear life are increased as well.

Due to the natural flow of the fluid thought the pump casing, considering that only a very small part of solids get in touch with the impeller, fragile solids can pass through the pump with a very minimum risk of damage.