Dredging Community to Benefit from Midé Marine’s Omni Seals

Dredgers, to be in compliance with Reclamation Safety & Health Standards, will at times require a bulkhead shaft seal.

Dredging Community to Benefit from Midé Marine's Omni Seals

Midé Marine’s Omni Seals have proven to be a viable shaft sealing solution, as they will not make contact with the pump shaft unless there is a flooding event. This is due to Midé Marine’s seals’ innovative HydroActive™ (water activated) design – which uses flood water to activate and engage the seals.

The normal operational condition for Midé Marine’s seals provides a 3mm running gap between the shaft and lip seal, and a 10mm gap before the shaft will come in contact with any hard component.

Performance is never compromised, as this design feature can eliminate wear on both shaft and seal – dramatically reducing wear and maintenance, and increasing long term safety and savings.

Dan Collins, Mide Marine’s Director of Sales, stated, “We are confident the Dredging community can benefit from our non-contacting shaft seals, as their innovative design is ideal for sealing around pump shafts.

Mide Marine’s bulkhead shaft seals are ABS, DNV, BV and Lloyds certified.


Press Release, February 3, 2014

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