Dresser-Rand starts up micro-LNG solution for Altagas

Dresser-Rand starts up micro-LNG solution for Altagas
Image courtesy of Siemens

Siemens’ Dresser-Rand business commissioned its high-pressure micro-scale natural gas liquefaction system for Altagas in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

The Dawson Creek facility, with a capacity of approximately 30,000 gallons of LNG per day, commenced production on January 25, 2018, Siemens said.

The scalability of the LNGo system enables the customer, Altagas, to scale production in line with demand and minimize capital expenditures.

Siemens’ scope of supply included one LNGo-HP system, site civil works, building construction, mechanical and electrical integration, commissioning, startup, and operator training.

The LNGo system consists of modules which include two Siemens gas engines, two Dresser-Rand MOS reciprocating compressors, three Siemens MV motors, Siemens variable frequency drives, and associated auxiliaries. The plant, with a footprint of approximately 2,500 square meters, was deployed directly at the site.

Speaking of the facility, Michael Walhof, sales director for distributed LNG solutions for the Dresser-Rand business, said, “we take pipeline natural gas and separate it into a feed gas stream and a waste gas stream. The waste gas is used to fuel the Siemens gas engine generator sets which power the LNGo-HP equipment. The feed gas is liquefied in the process to produce LNG.”

In 2016 the Dresser-Rand business commissioned its first LNGo-LP (low-pressure) micro-scale natural gas liquefaction system at the Ten Man LNG facility in Pennsylvania, the United States. Here, the LNGo technology enables the operator, Frontier Natural Resources, to monetize stranded gas assets at Tenaska Resources’ Mainesburg field, located in the Marcellus shale natural gas field.