Photo: ABS

DSME wins smart ship cyber security certificate

Classification society ABS has awarded ABS CyberSafety product design assessment (PDA) to the DS4 Smart Platform developed by South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME).

Image Courtesy: ABS/DSME

According to DSME, this is the first smart ship platform cyber security PDA in the shipbuilding industry.

As explained, the DS4 Smart Platform collects data from equipment and systems on board a vessel and assimilates it to provide enhanced operational information to the ship operator.

The platform supports device connectivity, data storage as well as data processing and visualization.

The ABS CyberSafety PDA process includes ABS review of the system’s vulnerabilities listed in the vendor report and verification of the mitigation measures during type testing.

“Increased levels of connectivity and reliance on more digitally-enabled systems introduce risks into the maritime supply chain and downstream owners. Addressing risk in the supply chain allows the owner to mitigate potential negative impacts when that equipment is integrated on board vessels or offshore asset,” John McDonald, ABS Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said.

“The ABS CyberSafety PDA gives the owner installing the system confidence that the known vulnerabilities can be managed to minimize the impact on the vessel’s cyber security posture, while providing useful operational information.”

“We are pleased to have earned the ABS CyberSafety PDA to demonstrate the security of our DS4 Smart Platform. Digitalization of fleet data is of benefit to owners and allows for condition-based maintenance strategies to be developed without increasing cyber security risk,” Choi Dong Kyu, DSME Executive Vice President, commented.