Ebara Cryodynamics Achieves Six Years without LTI

Ebara Cryodynamics Achieves Six Years without LTI

EBARA International Corporation (EIC) Cryodynamics Division, provider of submersible pumps and expanders for the liquefied natural gas industry, announced a major safety milestone of six years without lost time injury, or six consecutive years without an employee loss of time due to an accident or injury.

“Not only is this a major milestone for EIC Cryodynamics, it is very significant in our industry to experience this length of time without incurring any lost time workplace injuries,” said John Holt, Vice President, Human Resources. “This demonstrates our prevailing commitment to workplace safety in our highly engineered manufacturing facility.”

“Because of the nature of our manufacturing, it is imperative that our employees follow very strict guidelines. We hold monthly safety committee meetings and as well, perform monthly, quarterly and annual extensive safety training classes,” expressed Dan Egesdahl, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager. “Based on this major milestone, we are able to measure the significant impact that not only our safety training and procedures, but also our employees’ commitment and attention to adhering to all of our procedures. Our employees know safety comes first.”


Press Release, March 04, 2014; Image: Ebara
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