Eco Wave Power Welcomes Eurovision Winner at Jaffa Port

Eco Wave Power has hosted a visit of Eurovision winner and global ambassador for renewable energy, Ruslana Stepanivna Lyzhychko, at its wave energy power station in Jaffa Port, Israel.

Ruslana arrived to the Eco Wave Power station, accompanied by Dr. Gideon Friedman, the chief scientist of the Energy Ministry, Government of Israel, and Yael Herman, head of Technologies and Renewable Energies in the office of Chief Scientist, which provided Eco Wave Power with ‘Pioneering Technology’ recognition and recent funding for its Jaffa Port project expansion.

Ruslana was welcomed by Inna Braverman, founder of Eco Wave Power.

While visiting the power station Ruslana said: “You can take the power of the waves and produce energy. It is amazing! Each wave brings us clean energy. I am so happy and inspired by this technology. The floaters are going up and down, and every incoming wave brings more and more energy, so it is very easy and very simple, and everybody can use it. I am happy to be here in Israel, in Jaffa Port and show you that we have a source of power and energy that never stops! We can never switch this energy off, I respect this energy.”

Regarding the Eurovision, she said that “As one of the biggest music shows worldwide Eurovision has tremendous influence. And I think it’s time for Eurovision to unite us not only through music but also to join our efforts to go green. Renewable energy is the clean energy of nature’s elements, the healing energy for the planet and the humanity, the peace energy. Now, when I am not competing but take part as a guest, I’d like to invite fans around the world to fight for clean energy.