Photo: Image by Ecochlor

Ecochlor obtains IMO BWMS Code Type Approval

Boston-headquartered provider of ballast water treatment (BWT) solutions Ecochlor has secured Type Approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) for the IMO BWMS Code revised 2016 G8 standards.

The revised guidelines from 2016 are being applied on systems that started their type approval process from October 28, 2018, onwards, and all vessels installing a BWMS from October 28 2020 will need to comply with the code.

The new certification applies to the entire range of Ecochlor ballast water management systems (BWMS), with flow rates of between 500 m3/hr. and 16,200 m3/hr.

The company completed the additional testing required for active substance technologies for full approval in marine, brackish and fresh waters earlier in the year.

Ecochlor said that the tests confirmed that no changes in equipment or in the operation of the company’s BWMS were required.

“For two decades we have continued to test the effectiveness of our system to the highest standards available worldwide. This commitment reinforces our determination to bring a quality, reliable BWMS to the maritime industry,” Ecochlor’s Vice President of Operations, Pete Thompson, said.

Ecochloris uses a two-step treatment process to treat ballast water; filtration and chlorine dioxide. Treatment is during uptake only, with no discharge neutralization step required.