Ecosse Subsea Systems Wins Kriegers Flak Pre-Trenching Gig

Ecosse Subsea Systems (ESS) has been subcontracted by offshore services specialist, JD-Contractor, to perform pre-cut trenching works on the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm project in the Baltic Sea.

Kriegers Flak OWF is located approximately 45km from the coast of Rodvig, where plans to install two 220kV submarine export cables and a 9km connecting cable between two offshore platforms.

ESS commercial director, Keith McDermott, said: “To support the installation scope ESS will deploy our SCAR 1 seabed system from JD-Contractors AHTS vessel to pre-cut trench along multiple sections where the seabed conditions are considered particularly challenging.

“Soils along the route are extremely variable and include sand, stiff clay and weathered limestone. In total, in excess of 20km of pre-cut trenching is anticipated along the routes.

“Our technologies are adept at working in varying soil conditions and are robust enough to counter weather variables. We are establishing a strong track-record of successful windfarm developments in the Baltic and North Seas and look forward to working with JD-Contractor to help deliver this ground-breaking and innovative renewables project.”

Kell Thyssen, director of international projects of JD-Contractor, said: “JD-Contractor is pleased to have been awarded the KF protection contract from

“Due to the varied nature of the seabed in the area, the KF Protection scope of work includes both pre-trenching works in shallow and deep water, as well as embedding by means of jetting. JD-Contractor will therefore utilise a range of different spreads for the protection work, based on the knowledge that JD-Contractor has gained over the last 40 years. The spreads that will be utilised includes both own and external resources.

“JD-Contractor has chosen to team up with Ecosse for the pre-trenching operations in deeper waters, as Ecosse has the knowledge, know-how, equipment and competent personnel to support and supplement JD-Contractor for this part of the KF Protection scope of work.”