Photo: Image courtesy of Eesti Gaas

Eesti Gaas’ LNG sales jump in 2019

Estonian utility Eesti Gaas saw its sales of liquefied natural gas rise in 2019 its position among the largest sellers of LNG in the Baltic and Finnish region.

“While we only used to supply Tallink’s Megastar with LNG in 2018, last year we acquired a number of new clients in Finland, Latvia and Russia. Our largest projects involved providing assistance in the commissioning of the new Novatek’s LNG plant in Vysotsk and the start of bunkering in the ports of Hanko and Helsinki,” said Kalev Reiljan, member of the management board.

He noted that as much as a fifth of the passenger transportation through the port of Tallinn these days is arranged with the use of LNG fuel.

Eesti Gaas by now has performed more than 2400 bunkering operations for Tallink’s Megastar and UECC cargo vessels in the ports of Tallinn, Helsinki and Hanko.

Currently, the Dutch shipbuilding company Damen is building an LNG bunkering vessel for Eesti Gaas, which will be rendering services in the northern and eastern part of the Baltic Sea. The ship will start bunkering vessels operating in the Gulf of Finland.

In 2019, Eesti Gaas supplied a total of 263 GWh of LNG from its various procurement sources while the amount supplied a year before had been 243 GWh. The company has procured nine special semi-trailers for the purpose of LNG transportation and bunkering.

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