EIVA Launches New Subsea Data Processing Tool

EIVA, a Danish software engineering specialist, has released a new tool, NaviSuite Workflow Manager, for automatic data processing of large amounts of subsea data.

With the Workflow Manager, repetitive tasks are automated and executed in parallel by the software. This means that data is processed faster, and crew members’ time is spent more efficiently on errors, interpretations and quality control, the company explained.

The first performance measurements on real-life operations data and workflow setups have shown positive results, with 50 hours of data processed in less than 2 hours.

This performance measurement was reached with six AUVs running continuously, in parallel.

All the data brought in by the AUVs was processed with a single crew, as opposed to increasing the crew size accordingly, EIVA said.

The Workflow Manager can be applied in various types of operations, including AUV/USV operations, shallow water surveys and inspection operations.