ELA Offshore Celebrates Its 1st Anniversary

On August 1st 2014, ELA Container GmbH established ELA Container Offshore GmbH, its subsidiary specializing in the offshore sector, which now celebrates its one year anniversary.

“ELA Container GmbH Offshore is active in a highly specialized market that places special demands on our products, assembly and logistics”, said Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director of ELA Container Offshore GmbH.

“I am very excited about what our team has accomplished in the first year. In addition to the realization of many large and small offshore projects and taking part in numerous international exhibitions, we were also able to hire new employees to support our team. In just one year, the number of our employees has risen to nine. We are especially pleased that we have increased our activities abroad and could hire two new employees for business development North America in Houston, Texas / USA”, said Gatzemeier.

In the course of numerous “first year” projects, ELA Container Offshore GmbH has gained plenty of valuable experience in the fields of offshore wind, offshore oil and gas, equipment for supply ships and dredging. In addition to Germany, ELA Offshore Containers were delivered to Africa, Kazakhstan, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Image: ELA Offshore

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