Emas Offshore gets terminations for two vessel charters

Lewek Pelican

Emas Offshore Limited has received charter terminations from the owners of two vessels, the Lewek Toucan and the Lewek Pelican. 

Lewek Toucan is a multipurpose offshore support vessel owned by Seabird Penguin Offshore Limited and Lewek Pelican is an anchor handler owned by Seabird Pelican Offshore.

The charter for the first vessel started on March 17, 2016, and for the second one on May 19, 2016.

The charterers of the Lewek Toucan and Lewek Pelican are Emas Offshore’s subsidiaries, Emas Offshore Pte Ltd. and Emas Offshore (M) Sdn. Bhd., respectively.

Following the charter deals, Emas Offshore and its parent company Ezra Holdings Limited have issued a deed of guarantee and indemnity as joint and several guarantors in favor of both owners in respect of the charterers’ obligations under the Toucan and Pelican charters.

In the termination notices, both owners stated that various events of the charters caused by the charterers are persisting, unwaived and uncured.

The vessel owners also stated their demands which include a request for payment within ten banking days of the charter hire for the remaining charter period and re-delivery of the vessels to their respective owners. According to the owners, the charterers are also liable to pay damages arising from the termination of the charters.

Both owners reserved their rights to make a demand against Emas Offshore in respect of the guaranteed obligations for the two vessels.

Emas Offshore said that both charteres are seeking legal advice regarding terminations and the company is assessing the impact of the notices of termination against the group.

Offshore Energy Today Staff