EMGS: BOA Galatea Completes Ceara Survey

EMGS BOA Galatea Completes Ceara Survey

Norway’s electromagnetic specialist EMGS has annouced that its  BOA Galatea vessel will today complete the multi-client program in the Ceara area in northern Brazil.

The vessel will immediately after a scheduled port call mobilise for a multi-client program covering approximately 8000 km2 in the highly prospective equatorial margin of Brazil.

“The program, which has generated broad industry interest, covers blocks that have been included in the 11th licensing round,” said EMGS in a statement.

EMGS had earlier expected that the BOA Galatea would perform a one-month survey in Brazil after the Ceara multi-client program. “This contract opportunity has now been replaced by the new multi-client program,” the company said.



 March 18, 2013