Eniram Unveils Vessel Performance Manager for LNG Carriers

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Eniram Unveils Vessel Performance Manager for LNG Carriers
Eniram Vessel Platform (EVP) is Eniram’s 4th generation real-time data collection platform: by collecting and analyzing data from onboard, EVP helps build up intelligence on the operational effectiveness of vessels and gives the shipping industry a foundation to optimize fuel efficiency.

Eniram Limited, the fast-growing Finnish provider of energy management technology and data analytic services to the shipping industry, announced at Gastech 2014, the world’s largest LPG, LNG and natural gas event, another advanced fuel-saving product based on the established Eniram vessel platform.

Pyry Åvist, VP Marketing, Eniram, said: “Eniram Vessel Performance Manager (VPM) is a comprehensive energy management tool that will allow users on LNG carriers to analyze and track the total energy efficiency of their vessel in real time. In addition, the system is deeply integrated with other Eniram products to offer actionable guidance to vessel crew. In order for us to give optimization guidance, we had to develop a method to model the world’s most complex vessels, which now enables us to track & predict critical areas such as boil-off”.

“With VPM, a deep and complete understanding of a vessel’s energy management is now possible,” adds Noël Jelsma, Eniram’s Regional Director Asia-Pacific. “This is a major shift in the industry, yet VPM for LNG is only a first step for Eniram: as today’s gas carriers, with countless complex systems, are among the most advanced pieces of floating engineering in the world. We believe that thanks to our unique data platform, Eniram is the only player right now in the industry who is truly able to make sense of all this.”

VPM for LNG in a nutshell:

  • Collection of the most critical data for LNG operators and owners such as boil-off and reliquification plant efficiency.
  • Offers the possibility for onshore analyses of one vessel, as well as the possibility to compare the energy management performance on several vessels or on the entire fleet.
  • Constant performance evaluation. Main dashboard view to offer an easy way for the crew to have a holistic view of the vessel’s energy management.
  • Normalized Key Performance Indicators. VPM presents a set of normalized KPI for key energy consumers which allow direct comparison and tracking of energy efficiency operation on-board interdependent of operational area, season or cargo loading. These KPIs allow true comparison and tracking of different energy initiatives.
  • Intuitive graphical interface. The intuitive graphical dashboard shows in a holistic way the main energy producers and consumers in one screen. Users can access the detailed graphical view on one click to further explore the behavior of a specific component and compare it to another component in the vessels energy management system.
  • Located at Booth #K280 in Seoul’s Kintex Exhibition Center, Eniram’s nautical and technical experts will demonstrate its product range designed to help LNG carrier operators reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
Press Release, March 28, 2014; Image: Eniram


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