ESIA extends its reach into oilfield services market

Energy Software Intelligence Analytics (ESIA) has announced the completion of the acquisition of Douglas-Westwood Limited.

According to ESIA, the acquisition of Douglas-Westwood represents ESIA’s next step in delivering a growth strategy for the company that includes a mix of new product development and acquisitions.

ESIA says that the addition of the consulting and analytical services from Douglas-Westwood extends its reach into the oilfield services market.

Formed in January 2015, ESIA is assembling a portfolio of businesses that deliver data, research, and insight for the global energy exploration and production markets and support services. ESIA has acquired three companies since formation with Douglas-Westwood being the fourth.

Douglas-Westwood is a brand in bespoke and multi-client research, strategic and commercial reviews for the oilfield services market, servicing the financial, E&P and service company clients.

It was formed 25 years ago by entrepreneur John Westwood. ESIA says that, since formation, Douglas-Westwood has completed over 1,000 projects and advising on transactions worth over $30 billion. The business covers oilfield services sector and operates from Houston, Singapore and the UK delivering strategic and market insights for financial and industrial companies alike.

Gavin Prise, Chairman of ESIA said: “The acquisition of Douglas-Westwood is a significant step in the development of ESIA, effectively doubling the size of our business and bringing global coverage. Through Hannon Westwood, Novas and Richmond Energy Partners we have a deep and expanding expertise in the exploration & production space. Following this latest acquisition, we are now able to offer market intelligence solutions across the full supply chain and provide access to the exceptional team of internationally experienced individuals within Douglas-Westwood. This is a truly exciting step for the group and our strategic vision to create best-in-class solutions for our customers.”

John Westwood, Chairman and Founder of Douglas-Westwood commented: “After 25 years of delivering unique research insights to our clients, we are delighted to take this next step in our evolution. We have long recognised the potential to combine niche intelligence providers while capitalising on the global infrastructure and brand that Douglas-Westwood has created. In partnership with ESIA we can now start to realise this vision.”

Andrew Reid, Managing Director of Douglas-Westwood noted: “This transaction offers unique opportunities for our staff and customers. With ESIA’s support we are looking forward to evolving our market intelligence solutions into dynamic business intelligence solutions while continuing to offer our core services in bespoke commercial and market insights.”  

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