Estonia: Det Norske Veritas Grants Elme TKS Certificate for Inspection of Offshore Projects


Estonian company Elme TKS, which is a subsidiary of the concern BLRT Grupp, was granted a certificate for non-destructive inspection of metal structures of offshore projects and equipment that are supervised by a classification society Det Norske Veritas.

According to the member of the board of Elme TKS Igor Novosyolov, great work was accomplished to meet the specific requirements that the standards of Det Norske Veritas foresee for non-destuctive inspection of offshore production. Preparation for approval procedure required development of technical documentation, reporting forms and procedures for communicating with key customers and acquisition of necessary lacking equipment as well as additional training of staff. „This certificate is today’s high assessment of the professionalism of our specialists and the opportunity for the company’s further development,” he emphasized.

Receiving of this certificate is continuation of BLRT Group’s general strategy for offshore market development. “Elme TKS is the only company in the Baltic States that has been granted such certificate. The development of offshore market gives hope that the amount of work in our company will grow bigger. It is important that the received certificate will help to strengthen the market position of the entire concern as well,” said Igor Novosyolov. “Now the clients of the concern that will order, for example, equipment and structures for marine wind parks or seabed oil and gas fields, may be confident that this equipment and structures were produced in accordance with applicable international standards.”

Elme TKS is one of the subsidiaries of BLRT Grupp which for 10 years has been inspecting production processes and materials in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair, machine building, production of special purpose metal structures. Laboratories of the company were accredited by the Estonian Accreditation Centre and were recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance certified Elme TKS’s Quality Management System and Environmental Management System according to the standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

Source: BLRT Grupp, July 7, 2011.


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