ETIP Ocean Invites Experts to Join New Tech Working Group

ETIP Ocean is seeking technical experts to join a new ‘Technology Working Group’ to update the ‘Strategic Research Agenda’ (SRA) for ocean energy.

The new ‘Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda’ will detail the priority research, development and innovation challenges that most merit funding in the years ahead.

The existing SRA is a valued reference for the European Commission, and is also consulted by national and regional funding authorities. Participation in the Technology Working Group is an important way to influence the direction of funding for the sector.

Participants will take part in at least 2 webinars, and possibly a workshop, during 2019. There will also be an opportunity for written input. Tecnalia will lead this work.

ETIP Ocean is looking for a wide variety of technical expertise, covering different technologies (wave, tidal, OTEC, salinity gradient) and different components of technologies.

Deadline so expressing your interest in joining the ETIP Ocean Technology Working Group is 31st of May.

The first webinar will be organised on the 7th of June. It will focus on identifying the key technology development areas of the ocean energy sector. During this webinar, we will present an initial list of technology challenges that the working group will be invited to comment upon. Based on the webinar’s outcomes, the list will be prioritised to determine the technology priority areas that will serve as input for the work to update the SRA for ocean energy. The list will also determine the topics of the next Technology Working Group webinars and workshops.