Europe’s leading offshore port confirms it will return as exhibitor at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023

Port of Rotterdam, together with Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC), has signed an agreement with Navingo BV on taking part in Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 (OEEC 2023) this November in Amsterdam. With OEEC’s aim being connecting the entire offshore energy sector through the work its different industries are doing in energy transition, Port of Rotterdam and RPPC’s focus aligns with the goal of the event.

Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) / Navingo BV

Deemed Europe’s leading offshore port, Port of Rotterdam has seen numerous offshore wind farms in Europe using its facilities for either installation or component shipment and has so far logged gigawatts of European offshore wind capacity that went through its sites.

The port has been the go-to place for the Hollandse Kust Zuid offshore wind farm in the Netherlands – soon to be the world’s biggest offshore wind farm in operation – as well as the Scottish project Kincardine, currently the second biggest floating wind farm in the world, among others.

Offshore wind is only one of the industries the port serves, in addition to others from the offshore energy sector such as oil and gas, which is also represented at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference as the starting point of the energy transition and the industry on which the energy sector relies in the time of increased focus on energy security.

Beyond being the home of component manufacturing and marshalling sites for offshore energy developments, Port of Rotterdam’s reach also spans to clean fuel industries such as hydrogen which, again, is one of the main segments of OEEC.

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At this year’s Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, the port and RPPC will again be facilitating the Offshore Community Rotterdam at the Port of Rotterdam pavilion.

With the slogan “Offshore connects in Rotterdam”, the two partners will be putting the port on the map as the interconnector between the offshore industries, their supply chains and the human capital in the offshore energy sector.

“We link offshore activities to what Rotterdam has to offer. In addition, we connect people and companies in our community. Finally, much offshore-generated energy also literally lands physically in our port. Our focus is on renewable energy and the proposition with which Rotterdam can add value in this”, Joost Eenhuizen and Twan Romeijn, business managers Breakbulk & Offshore at Port of Rotterdam Authority, stated.

Nancy Slob-Corpeleijn, Event Coordinator at Navingo BV, said: “Our event shares a common ground with Port of Rotterdam’s ambitions in that we are both looking to provide the best platform the offshore energy sector can use to connect and accelerate the energy transition. This is best done through facilitating knowledge-sharing, showcasing expertise, and networking, and we are happy to provide Port of Rotterdam and RPPC a place to host their Offshore Community Rotterdam”.

Alongside Port of Rotterdam, Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2023 is welcoming several more renowned players from offshore wind and the growing hydrogen industry, together with companies and supply chains across the offshore energy sector, from oil and gas to wave and tidal energy.

The conference programme this year will once again spotlight the energy transition and what is needed to speed up the global move to net-zero, including the challenges that need to be addressed, as well as the actions necessary to minimise the offshore energy sector’s environmental footprint as it moves to build a clean energy mix.

To learn more about the conference programme, visit OEEC 2023 Conference page.

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