European ferry owner to install Ascenz’s smart bunkering tech on vessel duo

Singapore-based maritime tech solutions provider Ascenz has been selected by a major European ferry owner to equip two vessels with its Smart Bunkering solution. 


As informed, this tool allows a precise monitoring of the bunkering process in order to avoid any error or malpractice likely to affect the quantity of fuel bunkered.

Photo: Ascenz

The solution combines digital technologies (mass flow meters, on-board software, communication devices and cloud computing) in one single solution allowing the charterer and the crew to monitor the smooth running of the bunkering process, according to the company.

This first order recorded by our “Smart Bunkering” solution in Europe marks a key milestone in the development of Ascenz. In a context of high energy cost, we believe that our experience and our technology will greatly benefit European ship owners and charterers in controlling their bunker cost,” Julien Glory, CEO of Ascenz, commented.

Specifically, when the system detects an error or an abnormal behaviour, it automatically alerts the crew on board with a warning light and a buzzer. The onshore crew has access to detailed online analysis and can receive email alerts.

The financial impact of an error in the bunkering process can be significant. For instance, for a ferry consuming on average 4MT [1] /h of MGO [2] at 800 US dollars/MT, sailing 12 hours a day and 300 days a year, an error of 1% can lead to in a loss of up to 115,000 US dollars per year, the company noted.