Evergreen Launches New Intra-Asia Services


Maintaining a positive viewpoint about future development of the intra-Asia seaborne trade, Evergreen Line will realign its fleet deployment and launch new services, effective from mid-October 2011.

The existing Hua Bei – Hong Kong – Indonesia service (HBI) will be reorganized into two feeder loops. The new Hua Bei – Hong Kong service (HBH) and the Tanjung Pelepas – Indonesia service (PIS) will fully cover the scope of the HBI string and better meet the demands of those changing markets.

In addition, Evergreen Line will join Cheng Lie’s China – Philippines – Indonesia service (CN1) with deployment of one vessel. This joint service adds another sailing of Qingdao – Hong Kong connection and extends the service link to Central China and the Philippines.

The fleets and rotations of the new services are as follows:

HBH weekly service: 2 G-type vessel (2,868TEU)

Rotation: Xingang, Dalian, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Xingang

PIS weekly service: 1 A-type vessel (1,164TEU)

Rotation: Tanjung Pelepas – Jakarta — Semarang — Tanjung Pelepas

CN1 weekly service: Evergreen deploys 1 O-type vessel (2,846TEU) with 3 ships by Cheng Lie.

Rotation: Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Manila (N&S), Jakarta, Surabaya, Manila (S), Hong Kong, Qingdao.

As the ocean carrier has since its founding, Evergreen Line will continue to monitor changing trade pattern to ensure the company continues to provide adequate tonnage to keep customers competitive.


Source: Evergreen Line, October 5, 2011

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