Expertise Hub VIDEO: Pursuing Wind and Waves (Floating Power Plant)

While floating wind developers usually look for low wave energy sites, Floating Power Plant’s device is meant to generate wind power in areas with medium to high wave energy, as the company’s hybrid technology aims to harness energy from both sources. In such sea states, the wave absorbers also come in handy as they improve platform stability, according to Chris McConville, UK General Manager at Floating Power Plant (FPP).

This kind of technology increases energy density, which is especially important in terms of the use of sea space. However, energy policies and regulations should be more adaptable as they currently mostly focus on floating wind or wave, and sometimes even to the point where they exclude hybrids.

Nevertheless, FPP has proven its concept with a prototype hooked to the grid for two years and is looking at commercial application of its device.

In 2016, the technology developer teamed up with DP Energy, aiming to to set up pilot demonstration projects featuring FPP’s hybrid device in Scotland and Wales.

Europe is only the initial market FPP is eyeing, since it is its base market and the industry is most developed there, while in the long-run the company looking at Far East, as well as the United States and South America.

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