Explore. Inspire. Transform.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference has an overall theme for the new year. The OEEC 2018 theme is “Explore. Inspire. Transform.” The theme gives guidance to the conference program and serves as a conversation starter at various meeting places on the exhibition floor.

“It is the first time that our event theme can also be understood as a call to action,” says Annemieke den Otter, Event Manager and overall responsible for Offshore Energy.

“Last year we celebrated Offshore Energy’s tenth anniversary. Our event themes have usually been descriptive, reflecting the state of play in the offshore industry. Given a number of concurrent, impactful, developments in the offshore energy industry we thought it fitting to start the next decade of Offshore Energy with a more bullish theme.”

Below, you can read what the theme means to the OEEC team.


Investments in research, development and deployment in all sources of energy are needed to meet global energy demand growth. Offshore energy resources, in their many different shapes and sizes and from many different basins, play a key role in securing energy supply. OEEC addresses exploration taking place around the world in oil, gas, wind and marine. OEEC 2018 will also explore geothermal energy. Each source comes with a range of challenges to keep production sustainable.


To fulfill its mission, the offshore industry needs to retain and attract bright minds in various disciplines. This can only be achieved when people already in the industry keep finding their work fulfilling and when people – in particular the next generation – outside the industry become passionate about the industry. The different sectors of the offshore industry each have their own challenges but they have a number of things in common: a strong need for engineers who are adaptable, creative, analytical and above all: who are energy professionals.


In the past three years a low oil price on the one hand and strong incentives for offshore renewables on the other hand have transformed the offshore industry. It is up for debate whether industry has fully adjusted to the new reality and whether we will witness a boom in the oil industry as has generally happened after a bust. What is undebatable is that the global energy system is changing, with more electrification, more digitalization and less CO2 emissions.

“Choosing an event theme is an important milestone in the preparations of OEEC,” says Philip Mulder, Offshore Energy Marketing Manager. “Our mission remains the same through the years but the event theme changes and is tried and tested among various stakeholders.” “Now that the theme is announced, we look forward to hearing what “Explore. Inspire. Transform.” means to members in our community.”

What does the OEEC 2018 theme Explore. Inspire. Transform. mean to you? Drop us a line at [email protected] or on one of our social media.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference will be held on 22, 23 and 24 October 2018 at the Amsterdam RAI. For more information on the event go to www.offshore-energy.biz.