Expro Meters Team Trumpets UK Sales Success


The Expro Meters team at leading international oilfield services company Expro announces it has manufactured and shipped its 100th ActiveSONAR flow surveillance system as it continues to grow its UK customer base.

Following a successful trial of Expro Meters’ flow surveillance products, Centrica have purchased 12 ActiveSONAR™ meters for their Morecambe Bay operations, while another customer has confirmed the purchase of an ActiveSONAR meter and clamp-on wellhead surveillance services for their platform in the North Sea.

Expro Meters provides an innovative range of hydrocarbon measurement products and services. Whether permanently installed clamp-on meters for 24/7 wellhead surveillance or delivered as a portable well testing service, Expro Meters is changing the way customers measure and manage production through its clamp-on sonar technology.

The 100th ActiveSONAR system was recently manufactured and shipped from Expro Meters’ manufacturing facility in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA. ActiveSONAR is the latest generation of clamp-on sonar technology, specifically designed to perform in the most challenging wellhead production applications.

Patrick Curry, general manager of Expro Meters, said: “We are delighted with the relationship we are building with Centrica and our other customers as demonstrated by our recent commercial success. Our ActiveSONAR system gives our customers a clearer picture of well flow, helping them to improve well efficiency and overall reservoir production.

“We are seeing a great number of customers turn to Expro Meters for support due to the low-impact, non-invasive and cost-effective production surveillance services that we can provide.”


Source:Expro, February  21, 2011;