ExxonMobil to Extend Sigyn Field Lifetime

  • Operations & Maintenance

ExxonMobil has received Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) consent to extend the lifetime of the facilities on the Sigyn field.

The field, developed using a subsea solution, with the wellstream piped through two lines to the Sleipner A facility, was originally estimated to last until 2017.

The most recent calculations show that it can be sustained until 2022.

ExxonMobil, the operator of the Sigyn, has therefore applied for consent to extend the lifetime of the subsea facility at Sigyn and the associated wells, pipelines and control cables for managing and monitoring the wells.

“We have granted ExxonMobil consent to extend the lifetime until December 31, 2022,” PSA said.

The Sigyn field is located around 12 kilometers south-east of Sleipner Øst in the North Sea.

Production from the field began in 2012.


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