Ezra CEO Resigns from EMAS Offshore and Triyards

CEO and managing director of the Singapore-listed offshore O&G contractor Ezra Holdings, Lionel Lee, has stepped down from his positions on the board, of EMAS Offshore and Triyards Holdings.

According to EMAS Offshore, Lee’s resignation as a director and the vice-chairman of the company is with effect from May 1, 2015. No reason was given for his resignation. He was first appointed on EMAS Offshore board in 2007.

As for the Triyards, Lee stepped down from the board, together with Chan Eng Yew and Andrew Mak Yeuw Wah and will be replaced by his father Lee Kian Soo as the new non-executive chairman. However, according to Triyards, Chan Eng Yew will remain as the company’s CEO and Mak Yeuw Wah as its COO.

Triyards described these changes as a move by the group to have a board comprising a majority of non-executive and independent directors.

Lee Kian Soo, the newly appointed Chairman of Triyards commented: “We are at the cusp of change in the industry, and I am confident that we can drive the business to greater heights. We continue to strive to improve margins and shareholder value, and remain focused on enhancing our leading position as a global premier liftboat and high speed aluminium craft engineering specialist in Asia.”

Subsea World News Staff